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About Us

Teach Unlimited Foundation (TUF) is a non-profit organization founded in April 2011 by a group of local parents concerned about the quality of education for socially and financially disadvantaged students in Hong Kong.

TUF is a registered tax-exempt charity under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap 112) in Hong Kong.

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Our Work

  • We Mentor Students

    TUF provides creative and effective mentoring and learning support to guide students to aspire to a better future through raising their Self-Esteem, Learning Attitude and Learning Motivation.

  • We Develop Leaders

    We Develop Leaders
    TUF grooms university graduates to be Mentors and young leaders. Through a two-year Leadership Development Program, during which, they will receive a scholarship. The skills, insights and perspectives learnt will serve them throughout their careers and in their continual contribution to society.

  • We Engage Schools

    We Develop Leaders
    TUF collaborates and sustains long term partnership with schools to strengthen a community of learning that integrates mentorship into the personal development of students.

  • We Inspire Communities

    The positive transformation of students after the intervention work of TUF Mentors has inspired people from all walks of the society to work with us in solidarity.

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Our Impact

  • TUF Approach

    We serve financially and socially disadvantaged students by recruiting and training university graduates as Program Mentors and placing them in our Partner Schools for two years, full-time, to provide mentorship and education support.

  • TUF Impact

    Impact is sustained amongst mentees through an embedding and sustaining relationship with program mentors.

  • TUF Stories

    10 Years of Dedication in Walking with Youth School – Based Mentorship Enables Dreams to Soar | TUF 10th Anniversary

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Our Partners

  • Partner Schools

    Our Partner School community members include school principals and senior leadership. The objective is for all Partner Schools to work with us using our platform to build, sustain and enhance collaboration in promoting student learning and self-development.

  • Program Mentors

    We recruit university graduates who are interested in education and social issues and train them to be Program Mentors to deliver the TUF Program. Graduates come from a variety of disciplines but are united by a shared passion to help improve the learning attitude and motivation of financially and socially disadvantaged students in Hong Kong.

  • Our Supporters

    We are deeply grateful to all our donors and supporters for their contribution to the development of Teach Unlimited Foundation. Every contribution is making a real difference in advancing education opportunity of financially and socially disadvantaged students in Hong Kong.

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