Credit Suisse Interview Workshop

‘It’s my first time in ICC! How tall is this building?’, a student asked as he curiously looked around the lobby looked around the lobby and asked. For most of them, it’s a unique and precious experience to visit a world-class commercial skyscraper and to learn about career planning and interview skills from bankers of Credit Suisse.

Thanks to the support of Credit Suisse, 40+ upper form students from three TUF’s partner schools got the opportunity to learn about career planning and job interview skills through participating in the workshop. An overview of Credit Suisse kicked off the event, followed by a presentation on job search skills and techniques by a representative from the company’s human resources department.


With smaller groups of 2-3 students. Employee and volunteers from different professional backgrounds were
provided with an opportunity to share their work experiences and personal stories. After the sharing session, students took turns to try a one-on -one mock interview with the volunteers. In the mock interview, volunteers encouraged the students to speak up and show their best side in front of the interviewers and teach them how to present their own views and objectives.


Through opportunies like this, we hope to expand exposure of the students so that they will work hard to turn their dream into reality.