Program Mentors Retreat 2014-2015

The mid-year retreat was held on January 30, 2015 in Stanley for all program mentors to review, reflect and share the work done in different partner schools.

To start the day, leadership development session leading by Mr. Peter CHOW which helped program mentors review the goals of working in partner schools and rethink what and how education should be.

Along with a well-arranged lunch, program mentors enjoyed the delicacies in a relaxing time with beaches, a communal garden, and a trampoline! The jumping and climbing demonstrated exactly how energetic and passionate our program mentors are.

Afternoon session was sharing of best practices tailor-made for English small groups. Program mentors brainstormed for new ideas, gave each other comments, suggestions and encouragements which aiming for better and quality small group sessions with activity-based learning and TUF’s values.

Last but not least, by sharing mentoring cases, be it successful or unsuccessful, program mentors learnt from each other and reflected on different mentoring skills and approaches.

Not only did the retreat help program mentors a lot in terms of reviewing and reflecting on the work, it also provided an opportunity to refreshing the minds and recharging for new school term.

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