TUF Dream Pursuing Day 2019

On March 2, over 150 students from 8 current Partner Schools, as well as 83 volunteers including teachers, helpers and Human Library guest speakers, attended TUF’s 3rd Dream Pursuing Day held in the Tack Ching Girls’ Secondary School.

In the morning, students participated in a series of life simulation games where they “experienced” studying in school, employment and skills development. The games were designed based on 8 Multiple Intelligences* with the objective to stimulate students to explore and discover their abilities. Students were also encouraged to learn and develop different skills in order to achieve the goals in the games.

In the afternoon Human Library session, guests from various professions and academic backgrounds shared their own dream pursuing journeys with the students. Through the understanding of different careers and study paths (e.g. Associate Degree, Higher Diploma), many students were inspired to explore their possibilities and plan for their futures.

*Gardner, Howard (2006), Multiple Intelligences: New Horizons in Theory and Practice

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