About the Program

Your Work as a Mentor

Develop Your Own Projects based on the needs of your assigned Partner School in two years

Examples of past projects developed by Program Mentors:

English Play Station

Dream Pursuing Project

English Cafe

Build one-on-one mentoring relationships with students in need

Work with Corporate Partners to create unique opportunities

UBS Walk the Floor

Telstra VR 360

Your Personal Development

‘Leadership Development’ is the core theme in our work with Mentors. Throughout the two years, we insist on Mentors’ conscious and meaningful application of leadership practices in their role as change agents, and their skills and insights reinforced by a purposeful reflection process.

Late July

Orientation Camp

A time to bond with the TUF team and learn more about the TUF program.



Induction Training

  • Leadership Development
  • Skill-based training: mentoring, learning and teaching strategies, classroom management and etc
  • Develop a unique Implementation Plan (iPlan) for your placement school


School Year

Leadership Development Fridays

Mentors return to the office every Friday to reconnect with the team and participate in workshops led by professional trainers and coaches.

In-School Institutional Coach

A senior staff member at your Partner School will become your Institutional Coach to support your initial induction and adjustment.

Personal Coaching

You will receive monthly one-on-one coaching with a professional personal coach.

We make sure you are FULLY SUPPORTED from day 1

Scholarship Award

Successful candidates will receive a scholarship starting at HKD16,000/month, with discretionary year-end bonus, for a total of HKD405,000 over 24 months.

Additional Benefits

  • 15 Days of Annual Leave
  • MPF
  • Medical Insurance

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