Be a School or Academic Partner

School Partners

“Our students mainly come from the nearly housing estates. One of our missions is to promote social mobility. We believe that given the appropriate support and encouragement, every student can actualize their potentials. TUF shares the same vision with us. The two TUF program mentors conduct small-group English lessons. They assist with the organization and promotion of various English activities. The joint efforts taken by the program mentors and our English team have resulted in very satisfactory outcome.” – Principal Tsang, Principal of Partner School

“The two program mentors also play the role as a mentor. They found themselves easy to be accepted by the students and their words were able to inspire them. Words of encouragement, in particular, are well-received by the students.” – Mr. Lee, Vice Principal of Partner School

Partnership with schools, which offers Teach Unlimited Foundation the platform to reach out to disadvantaged students, is vital to achieving its objectives for the society.

As a partner school, you will receive the services of two program mentors, at no costs, for the duration of two academic years. The program mentors, who have been trained and will be supported by Teach Unlimited Foundation during the course of the program, will design and deliver a customized teaching support and mentoring program for your students. Their brief is to involve directly in the pupils’ learning, and through their effective teaching, coaching and mentoring programs to advance the pupils’ ability and performance in the chosen subject area, as well as their learning attitudes and self-esteem.

In return, you will be expected to provide institutional coaching, guidance to the program mentors, and support necessary for the successful delivery of the organization’s objectives.

We are now recruiting schools to partner with TUF for the two-year project to begin in August 2016. For more details, please go to 2016 Partner School Application Guidelines.

Please contact Alice CHOW, Executive Director,
at 28930928 or for any inquiry.

Academic Partners

As the organization continues to expand, Teach Unlimited Foundation is actively seeking to develop strategic partnership with universities and higher education institutes to further improve its training program and potentially to obtain accreditation of higher degree qualifications in education for its program mentors. among other things. Please contact us for more information or to discuss any possibilities.