Jockey Club Teach Unlimited “Walk with Youth” Mentorship Programme

Funded by:

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

Jockey Club Teach Unlimited “Walk with Youth” Mentorship Programme (the “Programme”) aims to empower youth to aspire towards a better future, and for it to advance mentorship for education, youth development, and Hong Kong society at large.

Through the gracious support of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the Phase I of Jockey Club Teach Unlimited “Walk with Youth” Mentorship Programme (2017-2020) had benefited over 6,000 students in five Partner Schools, with positive impact on Learning Attitude, Motivation, and Self-Esteem through school-based mentorship. Furthermore, we have also achieved the following:

  • Innovated our mentorship model and content knowledge.
  • Piloted an e-learning platform for mentorship knowledge building and sharing.
  • An independent evaluation research which validated the impacts of the TUF programme on students; developed better metrics on evaluating our programme effectiveness, paving the way to establish a theory of change on the TUF mentorship model.

Riding on the momentum of an impact-proven Phase I, the Phase II Programme (2020-2023) would further support a total of 16 schools over three years starting from August 2020. It is expected to benefit 11,000 students, with innovative elements that appropriately address surfaced and emerging issues in youth development, specifically on building more positive learning environments, generating better learning attitudes and higher motivation, as well as developing students to be more resilient against change and adversity.

Every Partner School is committed to a 5-year collaboration, and our Partner School Community is projected to be 30+ schools strong by 2023. The Trust’s funding will further strengthen our sustained support for all Partner Schools. In addition to the establishment of a pioneering Mentorship Learning Community, we hope to build a unique Mentorship Training Program specific to youth education and school environment, to enhance the capability of mentors and teachers involved, and to advocate for school-based mentorship. This training program is fit for wider adoption by education practitioners beyond our core schools to broaden and deepen its impact on youths.

To promote the value and practical application of TUF’s Mentoring Program, we shall organise annual symposiums targeting the education community, policy makers, and the general public.

We are on track to work with more schools, teachers, and members of the wider community to broaden the impact of our work, and to continue benefiting more youths in Hong Kong. This high-touch, impact-proven mentorship program would provide transformative education experiences to youths, supporting their whole-person development with great relevance, innovation, and importance.


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