Our Impact

Our Intervention Approach

TUF strives to provide Dynamic Personalised Mentorship to students in need of guidance for their personal development. We trained our Mentors to act as role models to the students they serve. Placed in our Partner Schools for two years, full-time, our Mentors collaborate with teachers to provide support to students via Individual Mentoring, Small Group Learning Support and Campus-wide Activities.

To ensure impact sustainability in our Partner Schools, TUF adopts a “2+3” collaboration model in our intervention. During their two years of direct intervention, our Mentors exemplify the way to implement and strengthen the impact of the program. In the following three years, we support the schools to use their own resources, as well as leverage on TUF’s experience, networks and communities, to sustain the program in the long-run.

The following diagram outlines the overall approach of our intervention:

Needs Assessment

According to a study by the University of Hong Kong on Earnings Mobility, there is a positive correlation of intergenerational educational attainment between parents and children. The findings indicated that only 20% of children will receive a degree if their parents had only a primary education. Education is a key to social mobility, and therefore, socially disadvantaged students encountered greater difficulty in social and earnings mobility.

In many of our target schools, there is lower academic and career expectation as well as lower self-esteem.

Our work fills a huge gap not addressed by many schools/ social workers/ government programs.

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Measuring Impact

To ensure our programs are effective, we measure the performance of participating students using these indicators:

  • Self-esteem a boosted level of self-assurance, better social skills and the ability to better articulate how they wish to achieve career goals
  • Learning Attitude a recognizable change in their inclination to learn and interact proactively at school
  • Motivation an increased enthusiasm to participate in school life and devote more time to gaining knowledge and broadening their horizons

TUF Impact

Since 2011, TUF has been bringing positive changes to youths in Hong Kong. As of Jul 2023, the following cumulative impact has been recorded:

Our Impact

TUF Stories

Mentees Stories from Kiangsu-Chekiang College (Kwai Chung)

Mentees Stories from Caritas Ma On Shan Secondary School

Dream Pursuing Festival 2023

Dream Pursuing Festival 2022

Jockey Club Teach Unlimited "Walk with Youth" Mentorship Programme Online Symposium 2023

Jockey Club Teach Unlimited "Walk with Youth" Mentorship Programme Online Symposium 2022

10 Years of Dedication in Walking with Youth School- Based Mentorship Enables Dreams to Soar | TUF 10th Anniversary

Jockey Club Teach Unlimited "Walk with Youth" Mentorship Programme Online Symposium 2021

Overcoming Challenges Together through Mentoring - Perseverance and Innovations during 2020 Pandemics
We have captured our work during school suspension and sharing from principals, teachers, Program Mentors and supporters with booklet and video. Thanks to the support and trust of our school partners and supporters, TUF can continue our mentoring work to support students!

Dream Pursuing Day 2019
In the Dream Pursuing Day 2019, students participated in a series of life simulation games designed based on 8 Multiple Intelligence, where they get to explore and discover their abilities. Students were inspired to explore their possibilities and plan for their futures as they engaged in a meaningful dialogue with guests coming from various professions and academic backgrounds (e.g. Higher Diploma, Associate Degree) in the Human Library session in the afternoon.

TUF 7th Anniversary Dinner
The theme “Mentoring - a gift for the future” brought supporters and partners of Teach Unlimited Foundation (TUF) together on 23 March 2018, to share the fruitful achievements of Program mentors and students.

Dream Pursuing Day 2018
To provide opportunities for students to realize and exercise their potentials, student exceled their unique intelligence based on their result of the Multiple Intelligence Assessment by earning bonus or enjoy certain benefits in tasks of life simulation game related to the particular intelligence. 20 speakers from various professions are invited to share their dream pursuing journey and professional experiences with our students.

TUF 6th Anniversary Gala Dinner
The theme “Positive Transformation through Mentoring” brought supporters and partners of Teach Unlimited Foundation (TUF) together on 17 March 2017, to share the fruitful achievements of Program mentors and students.

Dream Pursuing Day 2017
In Dream Pursuing Day, through life simulation game and human library, students are provided more opportunity in visualizing their dream pursuing process, and also increase students’ social capital via connecting them to speakers and new friends.

Positive Transformation of TUF Mentees through Mentoring
Since 2011, Teach Unlimited Foundation reached out to over 14,000 secondary school students, directly served more than 3,000 of them, including over 300 through individual mentoring. The students we mentored are now graduating from school to start a new page in their life. Let's listen to what they'd like to share.

Mentor Students. Develop Leaders. Inspire Communities.
An Introduction to Teach Unlimited Foundation

Teach Unlimited Foundation 5th Anniversary Gala Dinner
Celebrating 5 Years of Mentoring Igniting Potentials of Hong Kong Youths


Keynote speech of Financial Secretary of HKSAR at Teach Unlimited Foundation 5th Anniversary Gala Dinner

The Philosophy of Education
Education is "life influencing life". It is meaningful only if you enjoy sharing with others, you wish to influence others for the good, you rejoice in other people’s achievements. Education is certainly a meaningful way to bring about positive changes to the society, albeit to a small part of it.

Program Mentor Story
A group of young people transform from Graduates to Mentors. In two years, watching their students realize potentials and
possibilities in life encourages TUF Program Mentors strive hard for their own dreams. TUF Program Mentors inspire pupils in schools through English Small Groups and One-on-one mentoring; they themselves are inspired by TUF’s Training, Sharing and Coaching.
On this unforgettable journey, TUF Program Mentors "Dream It, Do It"!

Student Story
"In fact, I didn't have much expectation on my English. Yet, after Dennis (Program Mentor – TUF) started teaching us in a small group setting, we chatted and laughed, and then I got more chances to exposure to it. We then developed an interest in English. Exactly because of these changes, we turned impossible into possible. It also helped us to get accepted into university." –Student Ah Him

Partner School Story
"Leung Sing Tak College serves students of average standard. Our students mainly come from the nearly housing estates. One of our missions is to promote social mobility. We believe that given the appropriate support and encouragement, every student can actualize their potentials. TUF shares the same vision with us. The two TUF Program Mentors conduct small group English lessons. Additionally, they assist with the organization and promotion of various English activities. The joint efforts taken by the Program Mentors and our English team have resulted in very satisfactory outcome. We achieved very good results in the public exam last year. I thank TUF for its support and also the supporters of TUF. Thank you." – Principal Tsang, Leung Sing Tak College

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