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Partner Schools

1Partnership with schools, which offers Teach Unlimited Foundation the platform to reach out to its audiences, is vital to the success of the organisation. The institutional support that our school partners provide to the program mentors has proven to be critical to the successful delivery of our objectives.

Term 2023-2025

Term 2022-2024

Term 2021-2023

Term 2020-2022

Term 2019-2021

Term 2018-2020

Term 2017-2019

Term 2016-2018

Term 2015-2017

Term 2014-2016

Term 2013-2015

Term 2012-2014

Partner School Community

Our Partner School community members include school principals and senior leadership. The objective is for all Partner Schools to work with us using our platform to build, sustain and enhance collaboration in promoting student learning and self-development.

The platform enables schools to share resources and best practices with each other and promote longer term cooperation with us beyond the two-year program.

  • Convenor:
  • Mr. Kam Wai Ming - Principal, HKSKH Bishop Hall Secondary School
  • Honorary Members:
  • Mr. Edwin Tai
  • Mr. Chin-lee Chan
  • Ms. Carol Kwong
  • TUF Representatives:
  • Tom Hung – Chairperson
  • Executive Director

Mentorship Learning Community

Our Mentorship Learning Community is an independent community of educators to promote professional exchange and purposeful learning on school-based mentorship and collaboration among secondary schools by co-constructing mentoring knowledge, skills and practices to support student learning and self-development.

Program Mentors

We recruit university graduates who are interested in education and social issues and train them to be Program Mentors to deliver the TUF Program. Graduates come from a variety of disciplines but are united by a shared passion to help improve the learning attitude and motivation of socially disadvantaged students in Hong Kong.

Program Mentors will receive a two-year scholarship. They are given intensive training prior to placement in a Partner School where they work daily with students, supported by the school’s principal and teaching staff.

Program Mentors also participate in regular training and coaching sessions throughout the two years to help them develop and refine their mentoring and teaching skills plus leadership practices. Such core competencies developed are highly relevant and transferable across different professions.

Please click here for more details of ‘TUF Leadership Development Program’.

Alumni Community

Our Alumni Community provides resources, network and opportunities to enable former Program Mentors to further their contribution to the mission and objectives of Teach Unlimited Foundation.

Alumni Executive Committee, first formed in 2020, is set up to facilitate the execution and decision-making process of the Alumni Community and its activities. The committee will continue to strengthen the ties between alumni and other important stakeholders of the organisations.

They generously support the training of serving Program Mentors, our program development and enhancement, and as ambassadors to promote our work and mission to others.

If you would like to contact our alumni, please contact inquiry@teachunlimited.org.

Term 2023-2024

  • Chairperson:
  • Tiffany Wong
  • Vice Chairperson:
  • Michelle Tam
  • Secretary:
  • Jonathan Wu
  • Members:
  • Gladys Shui
  • Tiffany Cheung

Our Supporters

We are deeply grateful to all our donors and supporters for their contribution to the development of Teach Unlimited Foundation. Every contribution is making a real difference in advancing education opportunities of socially disadvantaged students in Hong Kong.

Major Donors

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Partners


Professional Training Support

Name Organization
Agnes Au Yeung
Kathy Chan, M.D
Barry Chan Hok Yau Club
Tony Chan
Dominic Cheng Caritas Yuen Long Chan Chun Ha Secondary School
Professor Cheng Yin Cheong
Matthew Chu
Theresa Cunanan, Ph.D Hong Kong Baptist University
Doreen Ho
Iu Kan Siu-mee, Amy Chinese University of Hong Kong
Martin Kwan
Theodore Kwok
Angela Lai
Edith Lau
Fiona Law Caritas Family Services
Name Organization
Eva Leung
Mark Leung
Mike Leung Agenda Kong
Collin Li
Lo Wing Sun
Sung Li Young
Tai Pak Shing TWGHs Yow Kam Yuen College
Frankie Too The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
Camille Tse
Wee Lian Hee, Ph.D Hong Kong Baptist University
Ewa Wilkinson
Leo Yam Ph.D
Yeung Sum, Ph.D, J.P.
Carol Zhou
Other Supporters
Younior Production


Name Organization
Patricia Archutowski
Denise Chan Cisco Systems, Inc.
Tony Chin
Ip Hoi Suen  Arcadia Press Limited
The Hon Ip Kin-yuen Legislative Councillor
Lai Fai Yeung Credit Suisse
Kenneth Lam, M.D

And many Individual Contributors.


Name  Organization
Phyllis Lo Learning Unlimited
Helen Mayhew
Ng Kai Yeung (Eight God)
Teresa Ng TC2 café and workshop
White Pak Institute of Textiles & Clothing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Siu Funkee
Syeeda K K
Gigi Wan
Colon Wong
Peter Yam Ronald Lu & Partners
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