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We Mentor Students

TUF provides creative and effective mentoring and learning support to guide students to aspire to a better future through raising their Self-Esteem, Learning Attitude and Learning Motivation.

Students who participate in our program gain enhanced skills and self-assurance; develop an increased enthusiasm for learning, and the ability to better articulate how they wish to achieve their life and career goals. (see Dynamic Personalized Mentoring under TUF Approach)

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We Develop Leaders

TUF grooms university graduates to be Mentors and young leaders. Through a two-year Leadership Development Program, during which, they will receive a scholarship. The skills, insights and perspectives learnt will serve them throughout their careers and in their continual contribution to society.

TUF Mentors develop their mentoring, teaching and leadership skills by participating regular training sessions, which has been developed in collaboration with experienced practitioners and consultants from the business and academic sectors. They learn the hardware to better deliver our programs creatively and effectively, adapting our approach to the specific needs of schools and individual students.

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We Engage Schools

TUF collaborates and sustains long-term partnership with schools to strengthen a community of learning that integrates mentorship into the personal development of students.

We assist mentoring skill development by inviting teachers of Partner Schools to join our training and development workshops, as well as adopt a “2+3” model to ensure our Partner Schools would sustain our program for at least three years after the two years of direct TUF Mentor intervention.

The “2+3” model signifies the commitment up front that the schools will devote resources to work alongside TUF during our two-year intervention, and then for at least the following three years after, allow us to monitor their work on sustaining TUF’s approach in the school’s work with students.


We Inspire Communities

The positive transformation of students after the intervention work of TUF Mentors has inspired people from all walks of the society to work with us in solidarity.

The TUF Alumni Community, set up in July 2013, consists of graduated TUF Mentors who maintain a close network to exchange insights on youth, education and leadership issues. They continuously provide support to TUF in program evaluation, program development, staff development and activities support.

The TUF Partner School Community, established in May 2015, is formed by principals and leadership teams from past and current Partner Schools, creating a platform for collaboration and exchange of ideas and resources.

Our success story also inspires our donors, supporters, partners and volunteers to help us improve and expand our program, so that our service can benefit more students and schools. We are grateful for their generosity in offering financial support, expertise and in-kind donations to TUF.


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