Why does Teach Unlimited exist?

Education for all is one of the pillars of a civilized and progressive society. In this regard, Hong Kong ranks high. But it can do better. We still have many children for whom the importance of and access to quality education are heavily and adversely biased by their socio-economic background. These children are locked in a vicious cycle from which they cannot escape without the intervention of highly inspirational teachers and extraordinary teaching and learning programmes.

Research* shows that children from lower income classes lag behind their middle class counterparts in 4 broadly inter-related areas of skills, values, and attitudes:

  • language, especially English
  • cultural exposure
  • social skills
  • self-image & confidence

The abilities, confidence, and positive self-image that come from a firm grounding in these areas play an important role in fostering positive attitudes towards education and securing better education and job prospects. By the same token, the absence of these abilities, confidence, and positive self-image is a massive disincentive for them to invest in education as the sure long-term means to ameliorate their lot in life.

Teach Unlimited believes that:

  • All students are capable of development and improvement. They need teachers who will inspire and motivate them, teach them how to learn and unleash their potential. For disadvantaged students, inspired and inspirational teachers are even more necessary now than ever before as the gap between the rich and poor in Hong Kong grows ever wider.
  • Early intervention in helping educationally disadvantaged students by means of additional teaching support systems will help level the playing field with their counterparts in higher income groups. It is a critical step to help them break out of this vicious cycle of deprivation and open up for them opportunities that they deserve to have.
  • Society needs to inspire, identify, train and develop outstanding young people to be leaders in education as much as in Government, businesses, etc. To attract, develop and involve top talents in education must be one of the core investments that every society must make.

*November 2008 “A Study on International Experience of Selected Countries in Supporting the Low-income Family in Helping its Members and their Applicability to Hong Kong”.

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