Academics and distinguished speakers conduct TUF pre-placement training program

TUF held the First Speaker Series for our TUF Program Mentors from 23 June to 15 July 2011

We were privileged to have Professor Cheng Yin Cheong from the Hong Kong Institute of Education; Dr. Yeung Sum from University of Hong Kong; veteran and respectable educators Mr. Song Li Yong and Mr. Lo Wing Sun; and Dr Kathy Chan ( psychiatrist ).

Topics ranged from the general to the specific and covered Public Speaking, Understanding Poverty in Hong Kong, School Management, the Global Education System, and problems of Adolescence.

Phoebe and Dennis received an excellent, necessary, and relevant grounding in the issues related to disadvantaged communities and their attitudes towards education, teaching and communication skills.   With this proper understanding of the issues involved, they will know how best to motivate their students and expand their learning capacity and potential.

Download PDF of the synopsis:

Global Education System and Trend – Prof. Cheng Yin Cheong

Understanding Inequality and Poverty – Dr Yeung Sum

Art of Speaking – Mr Sung Li Young

An Overview of the Hong Kong Education System – Mr Lo Wing Sun


Teenager in Puberty and Adolescence – Dr. Kathy Chan

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