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On 25th June, 2013, TUF has successfully organized the Human Library in one of the partnered school. Our “human books” are 3 professional staff from Credit Suisse – Jennifer, Chris and Wendy. The books stories are their lives. They have very different background but very inspiring experience and life attitudes. Such library is very special. Students are not getting information from the thick books. At the library, students checked out the “human book” on a small group conversation. They had the unusual opportunity to get any information they are most interested, such as how the speakers overcome their failure and how do they succeed in their lives.

Even though the time spent at the library was very limited, the students treasured it very much. At the end of the session, all students grouped together and shared their learning from the Human Library.

  • Today, the most memorable experience is to set up small goals to achieve first, then set big goals for future…...”

  • I feel that each career path can be successful, just find out our interest and go for it….

  • I understand that the hardships must occur in our life, we have to learn how to overcome them….

  • I understand that to be persistent…sometimes, our parents or the society may not understand us, but believe in our thoughts, the things we hope to be happened will be happened…..

  • I understand that once we have work hard, we will get the rewards….”

  • I really appreciate these speakers, as I have never had the opportunity to talk with the top professional before…their experience very inspiring...”

  • I love this sharing session to talk with the experience speakers….The most memorable words are “everyone’s IQ may be equal, but just step out one more step, you are different”…

To the “Human Books”, a big thanks on behalf of our students. Please be known that your life stories are inspiring students to face their life positively and never give up. We make a difference!

Human Library
Human Library
Human Library
Human Library
Human Library Human Library Human Library Human Library
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