TUF Drama in Partner Schools

In July, more than 940 students from four TUF partner schools attended a play performed by the Whole Theatre, which was engaged by the TUF Alumni Committee to custom-develop an inspiring program for our students. Touring around the four schools in performing the play, the cast put together a show that was well-received by teachers and students alike; and had made profound impacts on the audiences.

Titled “The Sims (模擬人生)”; the play was written by a group of scriptwriters based on sharing of program mentors on what they had encountered in schools. The story is about a teenaged girl growing up in a working-class single-parent family. She had become an online game addict due to the “successful experiences” she gained from playing online games. She had no interest in academic studies and began to skip classes. Her life began to change after her father had a very serious accident. Then she met a teacher who successfully inspired her. The whole play focused on the dramatic changes of the girl after she boldly embraced her life; including trying her best in school and in her favorite hobby – photography.

Both teachers and students found the shows inspiring. They reflected that the story was very touching; and many students suggested they had learned that “taking the first step” is crucial to success.

To consolidate the students’ learnings from the show, a series of follow-up activities were organized by program mentors. Efforts were also made to help students convert their goals into actionable plans.

Thanks to the support of our partner schools and sponsors, and creativity of the Whole Theater; the drama program was a great success. We will continue to enrich our offerings and look for and orchestrate inspiring experiences for our students so as to support their personal development.

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