Co-organized by TUF x YOLO (2022) – NFT Visual Art Competition

The competition will directly introduce the students to the market of NFT. Students’ pieces will automatically be presented to the NFT platform of YOLOSPACE.IO for reviewing. The awarded piece will firstly be presented to the NFT platform of YOLOSPACE.IO for public sale and will be exhibited together with other shortlisted pieces within a virtual exhibition.

Thanks to our supporting organization, Preface , students can accurately understand the advantages, the risks, and the career development within the NFT market. They can also grasp the opportunities of learning from multiple aspects and practicing NFT art creation.

In order to introduce the participants to the fusion of fields between internet technology and art, digital communication will be the major channel of communication throughout the competition and the competition will be carried out virtually.

To know more about the competition, please click the following link (in Chinese):

The online-lesson of the event will be held on 27/6 (Mon) 14:00-15:30
The deadline of signing up is on 25/7 (Mon)