It all started with a group of concerned parents in the ever competitive Hong Kong school environment whom shared a similar vision and desire to contribute towards the development of quality education in Hong Kong. As more and more parents became interested in this idea, the Coalition of Education-Concerned Parents ( www.cephk.org ) was formed in 2006 so that it make constructive contribution to education policies and practices by using territory-wide research, parent forums, focus groups and seminars.

Over the years, this group has been involved in evaluating aspects of Hong Kong’s public education and have come to realize the problem and solution; In order to gain success, quality teaching is necessary and this group realized there was a great and critical need in Hong Kong schools to have more inspirational and motivated teachers.

The consumer oriented lifestyle and continual income disparity between the rich and the poor is distracting many young people away from education and opting for faster alternatives to achieve material success. In the absence of proper guidance, support, and control from over-worked parents, our young generation is easily manipulated to adopt alternative paths that ultimately lead to ruins rather than success. We believe that passionate, inspired and inspirational teachers can serve as role models and give young people a sense of purpose by resolving and redirecting their energies towards education as this path will not only lead them to long term success, but also good citizenship.

In 2009, members of the Coalition of Education-Concerned Parents started working on a business plan which led to the creation of Teach Unlimited Foundation. With the perspective that early intervention is the key in helping educationally disadvantaged students, they focused on incorporating additional teaching support systems to help level the playing field with their counterparts in higher income schools. The project also advocates Hong Kong in making collective and conscious effort to inspire, identity, train and develop outstanding young people to be leaders in education as well as government positions, businesses, etc. Attracting, developing and involving top talents in education must be one of the core investments that every society must strive to make.