These are the core and shared convictions Teach Unlimited stands for. They are the root of all our action; direct us to a common purpose and to work together effectively.


  • Exercising social conscience and moral courage to assert the cause of quality education for all
  • Integrity in all our undertakings and action


  • Treat everyone fairly, responsibly and honorably
  • Value the talents, efforts and contribution of everyone


  • Empathy for and charity towards the disadvantaged
  • To kindle courage, aspiration and determination
  • Serve generously, giving without haughtiness


  • Humility in success
  • Sincere and prudent, foster trust and cooperation
  • Acknowledge all successes being outcomes of collaboration and generosity of people


  • Persistent and courageous at times of adversity; challenges are not obstacles to success but requisites for success
  • Resilience and commitment; real achievement is dependent upon sustained efforts


  • Everyone is a bearer of unique gifts and talents. All children have unlimited potential for development.