Alumni Committee

About Us

The Teach Unlimited Foundation Alumni Committee (TUFAC) is home to TUF Program Mentors who have successfully completed the program’s two-year leadership and school-based mentoring and education support program. Alumni committee members are a valued aspect of Teach Unlimited Foundation as they devote their time and energy to assist with further development and promotion of Teach Unlimited Foundation’s mission. Their contributions to TUF included:

  • Developing and promoting a relationship between alumni and current TUF mentors. They create a mechanism for committee members to share ideas and provide feedback to TUF.
  • Actively supporting and participating in TUF’s programs and activities including publicity, recruitment and staff training.
  • Assisting with the promotion of personal growth, development and leadership skills of TUF Program Mentors.
  • Promoting the presence and mission of TUF to key stakeholders and supporters and also within the Hong Kong community as a whole.
  • Advising TUF on how to strengthen its impact in Hong Kong’s ever challenging and changing social and educational environment.

Committee Members

Debbie MAK (Chairperson)
Chole CHAN
Patricia CHAN
Phoebe LEUNG
Shirley LEUNG
Grace TSE
Dennis WONG

Recent Event

TUF Drama in Partner Schools
Inter-school Board Game Fun Day

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Debbie MAK (Chairperson) –

TUF alumni with board and program staff at 2013 Celebration Dinner