Leadership Training for Program Mentors

Leadership Training
Figure 1: My transformation experience

Education is one of the greatest forces which shape the world and must be guided by competent leaders. Teachers are indeed the first and foremost people in this role.

Teach Unlimited’s two-year progressive training is a customised programme on teaching, mentoring and leadership. The programme is developed in collaboration with highly experienced practitioners and consultants, business enterprises and academics. It aims to transform the graduates into effective teachers and leaders capable of understanding, managing and rectifying the educational and personal shortcomings that are common features of socially disadvantaged children. They will be further developed on the strength of their desire and determination to acquire outstanding leadership skills and their aptitude in implementing these skills to become leaders in the classroom and beyond.

“I’ve got new inspiration for teaching from every stimulating training session. It’s like a journey of discovery.” – Debbie Mak, Program Mentor

“The leadership training has equipped me with skills for understanding more about myself as well as the students that I serve. It has empowered me to work more confidently in teams and in an organizational setting.” – Shirley Leung, Program Mentor

Alongside opportunities for networking with businesses, industries, social enterprises and academic higher institutes, they are well supported throughout the two years by coaches who will constantly review their work to monitor and ensure progress. No efforts are spared to help them succeed in the challenge of inspiring socially disadvantaged students to raise their academic achievement, broadening their perceptions and aspirations.