School-based Mentoring Program

School Programs

Our key service is a custom-designed, two-year Mentoring and Education Support Program implemented in individual schools serving the
 disadvantaged communities. The objective is to improve education opportunities and life prospects for students growing up in challenging environments through inspired and inspiring teaching.

Each year, Teach Unlimited Foundation places two high calibre university graduates in each partner school as program mentors whose brief is to develop effective teaching support and mentoring inside and outside of classrooms for the disadvantaged students. In addition to improving their academic standards, program mentors stimulate students’ learning interest and inculcate in them positive self and community-oriented values and attitudes.

During the current academic year, English has been chosen as the academic subject of our project. TUF’s program mentors, in conjunction with the school management, would develop a customized implementation plan per the needs of the individual school and its students. Below are some examples of our in-school activities:

  • In-class English oral sessions
  • After class English tutorials
  • English enhancement groups for new immigrants
  • English support to spin-off groups of marginal students
  • Training for speech festival
  • Extra-curriculum activities (i.e. drama competition, inter-house quiz, radio program, and school-wide themed activities.)
  • Structured mentoring