TUF Leadership Development Program “Every youth has a dream and can learn to realize it.”

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Program Framework … for young graduates who aspire to lead change

Recruit outstanding graduates
We recruit high caliber candidates with strong work ethics and self-disciplines, who are good communicators with proven leadership or community service record, strong convictions and passionate desire for social justice, to take this challenge and join our TUF team. People in TUF team all have one thing in common - the drive to lead change.

Intensive pre-placement training
Your TUF journey begins in late July with an Orientation Camp where you start bonding with the TUF team, and get a head start on learning more about the unique TUF programs.

The entire month of August is mostly office-based for learning and development where we focus on:

  • Skill-based: mentoring, youth development, learning and teaching strategies, classroom management
  • Leadership-development
  • Topical talks and visits, TUF online tracking system, office administration
  • Develop the TUF Implementation Plan (iPlan) for your placement school

On-going learning & development, coaching and supervision by TUF
From September, Mentors start working full-time in the designated school delivering the program. You will return to TUF office every Friday to consolidate learning from work and to ensure that emerging needs are being addressed by skills training, coaching and supervision in collaboration with professional trainers and coaches. This is also the time where our Mentors team proactively exchange ideas and share with each other best practices tried and tested in various schools, as well to support TUF projects and community initiatives to enrich their exposure.

Notwithstanding, ‘Leadership Development’ is the core theme in our development of Mentors. Throughout the two years, we insist on Mentors’ conscious and meaningful application of leadership practices in their role as change agents, and their skills and insights reinforced by a purposeful reflection process.


In-school mentors as Institutional Coach
We make sure you are fully supported to be the best you can be from day 1 in your new school. Our partner school will designate a senior staff member as your Institutional Coach who will support your initial induction and adjustment in the school, provide ongoing guidance, support and feedback to improve your program delivery.

Inspirational leaders
After two intense, challenging and rewarding years, you will have completed the TUF Leadership Development Program. We are certain you would have by then made a meaningful contribution to the school and, most importantly, lead and inspire a real difference in the lives of many young people; acknowledging too that they have also touched and transformed you.

Equipped with an impressive array of leadership skills you have gained through the program, it is now up to you to choose whether you will continue to be an educator, or move into business, entrepreneurship, government or a not-for-profit. Whatever the choice, we are confident that the competencies you gained in TUF program are universal and transferable to any contexts, serving you to take on leadership positions in education or any subsequent profession.

The continual contribution and bigger impact you can make
Our alumni involvement is designed to orient you towards making lasting contributions to empowering our socially and financially disadvantaged youths to aspire for a better future in a wide range of contexts.

TUF Alumni Community was established in 2013 for Mentors who had successfully completed their leadership development training and two-year service contract with TUF. Main objectives of the committee are to:

  1. Enable alumni to further their contribution to, and promotion of, TUF mission and objectives;
  2. Support alumni to continue their own development at personal and societal levels.

Currently, there are more than 40 members in the Alumni Community who are all very dedicated and proactive to support the organisational growth of TUF and promote its cause. Over the years, they have initiated and organised some very meaningful events for us such as cross-schools’ board games fun day and pandemic support scheme, experience sharing with new Program Mentors in August pre-placement training, supporting the training and development of our Program Mentors on a structured basis.

Reciprocally, TUF Alumni also participated in TUF training and development activities. Periodically, TUF Board also invites Alumni to the monthly Board meetings, both for their development purpose, and very helpfully solicits their input on our program deliverables and new initiatives.


Who we look for as Mentors

Our program is a challenge in our Mentors’ personal growth. During the two-year period, you will be professionally trained and supported to inspire and mentor the socially and financially disadvantaged youth, leading and facilitating the positive change in them and to the school communities. When you join TUF, you join a community of like-minded people who are committed to having an impact in the lives of the young people they reach and the wider community.

Eligibility & selection criteria
Our Mentors do not start out as teachers, nor do they need to have any teaching qualifications. You can be from any academic disciplines and backgrounds, but it is your enthusiasm, resilience, strong work ethics and determination that will drive you to succeed in this role – and then beyond.

Our basic eligibility requirements are:

  • Prospective or recent university graduate
  • Permanent resident of Hong Kong or have the permit to work in Hong Kong

These people will stand out in our selection:

  • Share TUF mission and core values: Righteousness, Respect, Compassion, Modesty, Perseverance, Uniqueness
  • Have proven leadership and/or community service record
  • Have strong commitment to help others achieving breakthroughs and drives change in Partner School
  • Able to work both independently and as part of a team while showing respect and positive regard
  • Always seek out learning opportunities and be open to new ideas and experience
  • Have the tenacity to deal with pressure and adapts well to change
  • Have demonstrated a clear vision to develop your careers in Education or Youth Development
  • High proficiency in English and Chinese

Core competencies
We have no ‘ideal’ candidate profile. Our experience informs that effective Mentors must demonstrate a range of different leadership qualities and we use these to form the basis of our competency framework. Throughout the selection process, candidates are assessed for evidence of the following:

  • Interacting & Presenting
    Able to communicate and network effectively with multi-stakeholders
  • Supporting & Cooperating
    Able to work both independently and as part of a team with positive regard for others
  • Creating & Conceptualizing
    Able to work well in situations requiring openness to new ideas;
    Be creative
  • Leading & Deciding
    Able to initiate action, make decisions and take responsibility
  • Organizing & Executing
    Able to plan and work in a systematic and organized way
  • Analyzing & Interpreting
    Able to analyze data and get to the heart of problems
  • Enterprising & Performing
    Seek self-development opportunities, focus on results and work to achieve personal work objectives
  • Adapting & Coping
    Able to adapt and respond well to changes; Manage pressure effectively

Important Information

Scholarship Award & Benefits
Successful candidates chosen to participate in the TUF Leadership Development Program will receive a scholarship award over 24 months by instalments. In addition, they will have 15 vacation days annually, as well as eligible for MPF and medical insurance.

Your Commitment
Two years full-time:

  1. In the structured, learning-driven and person-oriented TUF Leadership Development Program; take ownership of your personal and professional development.
  2. As TUF Program Mentor to deliver a service project in one of our designated Partner Schools, and upon successful completion of the program to become our TUF Alumni.
  3. Far more than just classroom teaching, acceptance into our TUF Leadership Development Program means you will:

    • Unleash your leadership potential
    • Support the personal growth of socially and financially disadvantaged youths in Hong Kong
    • Partner with teachers and educators
    • Join a community who are passionate to learn, to innovate and to build better lives
    • Learn and grow your strengths on the job
    • Connect to our renowned corporate partners
    • Get on the ground experience that you can use to influence real change

    If you share the vision of quality education for all, if you are ready to mentor and give your future students prospects for a better life through your passion, influence and guidance, submiit your application – your C.V. and a personal statement (share with us your unique story and how it has influenced the person you are today, and why you are interested in this Program) and transcript to our Online Application Form


    Deadline of Application: 15 April 2024

    Lead the change that seems impossible.
    Yes, you can!

Why mentorship?

Mentorship is the purposeful building of a one-one-one developmental relationship, in which a young person – the mentee – receives guidance, support and encouragement from a more experienced and knowledgeable person. The role and intent of the mentor is to build the mentee’s capabilities, nurturing sustainability of long-term personal growth and development. Mentorship is different from teaching in that the focus of teaching is mainly on imparting knowledge and information through instruction and explanation. The goal for the student is usually on academic capabilities - to pass the tests/exams.

Our Needs Assessment has highlighted the challenges confronting underprivileged and underachieving students in Hong Kong today. TUF’s frontline experience in the past six years affirms that mentorship – integral in our approach – does not only help alleviate the problems, but can have a powerful and positive influence on the lives of young people. By mentors’ regular presence and building a purposeful, non-judgemental and trusting relationship, young people respond readily and constructively to their guidance and support. They also look up to mentors as role models and try to emulate, making them effective change agents to instil positive values in young people and help them aspire to a better future.

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