What does Teach Unlimited do?


The success of Teach Unlimited lies in the extent and quality of its partnership with a range of organizations including schools, teachers, universities and institutes, industries, businesses and other charities. We collaborate with these partners to develop concerted efforts, innovate and share best practices.

Recruit outstanding graduates into education

We recruit outstanding graduates who will make an impact in schools operating in challenging circumstances and inspire the students there to make positive changes.

Leadership training and service to students

Once recruited, the graduates become Teach Unlimited Programme Mentors in a two-year Leadership Development Programme, alongside being placed in schools operating  in challenging circumstances to raise the motivation, achievement and aptitude levels of the students under them.

Building leaders for education

After successful completion of the two-year Leadership Development Programme, Teach Unlimited Programme Mentors will graduate as TUF Associates. They are invited to commit themselves to support Teach Unlimited in addressing educational disadvantage on a long term basis through various opportunities and initiatives.