“Social Skills in the Workplace” Workshop

40 students from 4 partner schools attended the on “Social Skills in the Workplace” Workshop organized by Credit Suisse on 19 May 2015. As a part of the Dream Pursuing Mentoring Project, 10 mentees accepted a greater challenge for which they had to cooperate and interact with peers from other schools.

What makes a better first impression? This was demonstrated through an interactive social skill activity on how to exchange our business cards. We found that smiling faces, good eye contacts, appropriate tone of voice and posture are keys for success.

Students from different schools later worked as a group to build paper towers. They surprised many of us by demonstrating excellent communication skills, leadership skills as well as problem solving skills in this team building activity. The towers gradually moved from conference room to the stairway to prevent inserted through the ceiling!

Breakout session offered wonderful opportunity for CS volunteer mentors and mentees in exchanging ideas and getting to know each other. We are looking forward to see growth of students after attending our various scheduled mentoring activities.

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