Inter-school Board Game Fun Day

Playing board games is not just fun; it is also an educational activity that students can be benefited from. The TUF Alumni Association organized a Board Game Fun Day for students from 4 partner schools, with the purposes to widen students’ horizons through playing German style board game and to strengthen relationships between Program Mentors and students.

By training students to lead playing board games, Board Game Fun Day aimed to encourage students to step out of their comfort zones. 23 student leaders attended the morning training session at TWGHs Yow Kam Yuen College on 9 May 2015. With the help from the Program Mentors and a board game trainer, the students learnt how to facilitate group games.

The challenge for student leaders came after lunch when 42 junior form students came to play. Student leaders were assigned to different groups, and they need to cooperate with their peer from other schools. All of them had fun in a relaxing and exciting atmosphere. The Program Mentors were so amazed that they did so well in leading the board games.

We witnessed students gained confidence through leading games and they weremore willing to step out of their comfort zones. We hope that students will continue to strengthen their social skills so as to gain more confidence in the future.

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