Program Mentor Graduation Dinner 2015

July 11 was a remarkable date for our Year-two program mentors – it was their Graduation Dinner! Addi, Chloe and Patricia will be finishing their 2-year program by end of July. It was a memorable night that the TUF family had much fun with games and singing performance prepared by our creative Year-one program mentors. The warm atmosphere also offered an opportunity for directors, alumni and program mentors to share their thoughts and words with the ‘graduates-to-be’. Our ‘graduates-to-be’, who were in costume wearing crowns and holding ‘graduation award sticks’ for the whole night, delivered a short speech on how they have been transformed and what they gained in these two years. Besides knowledge and theories learnt in training, they all concurred that it was an incredible and valuable opportunity to be raised and nurtured in TUF after university graduation.

Though they are graduating from the role of TUF program mentors, all of them will continue their development in the education field and be passionate ‘change facilitators’! We believe that their kindness, passion and perseverance will keep on influencing educators and students around them. Addi, Chloe and Patricia, best wishes to you all!

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