Program Mentor Training Camp 2015

Summer Induction Training of Program Mentors

Every summer, TUF organizes an induction camp followed by intensive training in August for Program Mentors. The purpose is to strengthen the understanding of the new hires on their roles and help existing staff to refresh their minds, so Program Mentors are able to acquire knowledge, skills and techniques necessary and relevant to their work in the year ahead.

TUF kicked off its summer with an induction camp at HKFYG Jockey Club Sai Kung Outdoor Training Camp from 28 to 30 July. It was a warm, fun and insightful camp which brought new and existing Program Mentors together. We started off with TUF directors leading a discussion on TUF’s history, mission and values. Then in the evening, Program Mentors showed off without reservation in “TUF Got Talent”, a lively and entertaining program indeed. The team had more team-building activities on the second day of camp. Through interactive activities like canoeing and group games, the team tried to put TUF vision into practice and foster communication amongst the team. The day ended with an experience sharing session on what they had learned from the challenges encountered during the day. The induction camp allowed the team to envision the opportunities as well as barriers that lie ahead in their work. The training camp ended with a touching celebration where team members shared genuinely their thoughts.

Another 32 training sessions were held in August with topics ranging from leadership, teaching, mentorship, counseling, communications, to classroom management and on helping students with special needs. Highlights include talks by Professor CHENG Yin Cheong from the Hong Kong Institute of Education and Dr. YEUNG Sum from the University of Hong Kong on education for the socially disadvantaged and the problem of inter-generational poverty, respectively.

Program Mentors received inspiring and encouraging messages from different speakers, so to apply the knowledge and skills in the coming academic year. With a strong foundation laid in the camp and training, Program Mentors are ready to face a challenging journey with love, confidence and perseverance as well as support from each other.

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