After TUF

Over 90% of our Program Mentors subsequently entered education or youth development fields after they completed the two-year program.

Our Program Mentors come from all different academic fields and backgrounds. Becoming a Program Mentor is a great opportunity to enter the education or youth development field without prior experience.

Common Jobs After TUF

  1. School Teacher
  2. Cooperate training/Student Development
  3. NGOs/Charities
  4. Other Youth Development related work (e.g. Career and Life Planning Instructor, Education Service Provider, Coach)

Common Areas of Further Study

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Education
  2. Education (e.g. Early Childhood Education, Policy Studies in Education, Values Education)
  3. Psychology (e.g. Psychology of Education, Child Psychology)
  4. Counselling (e.g. Youth Counselling, Guidance and Counselling)
  5. Social Work/Non-Profit Management

Selected Admitted Universities of Alumni PMs

  1. University of Oxford
  2. University College London
  3. Durham University
  4. University of Melbourne
  5. University of Hong Kong
  6. Chinese University of Hong Kong
  7. The Education University of Hong Kong

TUF Alumni Committee

After completing the 2-year program, you will automatically be a part of the TUF Alumni Committee.

Our Alumni Committee provides resources, network and opportunities to enable former Program Mentors to further their contribution to the mission and objectives of Teach Unlimited Foundation.

They generously support the training of serving Program Mentors, our program development and enhancement, and as ambassadors to promote our work and mission to others.

Alumni Executive Committee, first formed in 2020, is set up to facilitate the execution and decision-making process of the Alumni Community and its activities. The committee will continue to strengthen the ties between alumni and other important stakeholders of the organisations.

If you would like to contact our alumni, please contact

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Alumni-led Training

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